Built and Bred for Speed

The Great Foundation Sire of modern Racing Quarter Horses

Dash For Cash

There’s a famous quote by his trainer, “If you want to win races, you’re going to need good vitamins and a big does of DFC” Turns out it’s more true than even he imagined.  Nothing much better than to walk down a shed row on a rainy day looking at world champion caliber horses listening to the rain hitting that Houston metal roof.

(Special Effort-Miss Eye Opener, Dash For Cash)

World Champion

Special Leader, Winner of The Grade I Champion of Champions  defeating the two time World Champion REFRIGERTOR . Winner of the Grade I All- American Gold Cup Stakes in record time.

It’s difficult to talk about, or even think about fast horses and not mention greatest race horse of all time. Triple Crown Winner Secretariat.

“Get ready….Get Ready….cause you gonna see something like you ain’t never seen before.”
Eddie Sweat the morning of the Belmont.

Eddie Sweat and “Big Red”



Recovering from Fire

Fires Happen

Austin TX, enjoys many days of sunshine in a year and this makes it a preferred tourism destination for many people. However, these sunny days come along with some trouble too, especially during the driest months. So many fires are reported during this time not only in the forests but in homes too.

Fire Damage Clean Up Is Dangerous

Getting water and smoke damage from the fire properly cleaned up requires professional services. Before the site where the fire occurred can be re-entered, the fire marshal’s permission is required. This is about safety, there might not be any fire still burning, but there could still can be health hazards like toxic smoke or structural damage. All Austin fire damage clean ups are serious situations and should be undertaken with great caution. All personal involved should wear protective clothing to protect themselves from any danger which might arise. If the homeowners want to home and belonging properly restored, the clean up should be left to fire and water damage cleanup professionals instead of amateurs trying to do the work on their own.

Putting Out The Fire Leave A Mess

The water damage restoration is usually needed after a fire. The water is part of the mess left from putting out the fire. Sometimes the fires which occur are not adequately controlled and this leads to a wide extent of structural damages that will require extensive construction or remodeling. If the structural damages are not too serious, after the needed demolition is complete, then water damage restoration will be the first order of business followed by smoke and odor clean up followed by a complete clean up.

Disaster Gives No warning

When recovering from sewage, smoke, fire, mold, or water damages, you want your home restored and cleaned as fast as possible. At ATEX Water Damage Restoration we understand that disasters can strike any time and without warning. For that reason, our services are available 24/7 and all restoration teams are ready to be onsite within an hour. From comprehensive damage assessment to a thorough cleanup, our experts will accompany you through the restoration process and help you get your home or business back to normal ASAP.